The power of "SOCIAL MARKETING" techniques

Social marketing has long been known in the world and has been applied to "sell" the idea to change the mindset, attitude, and behavior of the public.  

Not only that, this strategy also proved to be able to empower the Organization in obtaining support including a potential source of funding from the community widely.


What exactly is the notion of social marketing?

Social marketing is how we are able to do social activities for the benefit of marketing. That is, we should be able to put forward the social values at its core is a part of our marketing system. For example, if a natural disaster occurs, the company in charge of making aid programs for the victims of the disaster. 

The program is created in such a way, for example if there are consumers who buy our products, about the percent of sale proceeds allocated to disaster victims. So the benefits are obtained not only from the sales of products, but we also gain benefit from the social side.

What are the benefits for the company? How powerful are used as marketing tools?

Interesting note that relate closely between the world of marketing and non-profit organizations. In this social marketing could be said to be closely related to the success of a company. Because the actual benefits derived companies i.e. obviously increase profit.  
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While the social benefits obtained from the victims of the disaster, for example, they're thankful for can get social values in the form of direct assistance from the company. Associated with marketing tools, in fact, social marketing is very powerful so far the brand can dig social values come into contact or was knocked over.

What are the advantages the companies that won in the category of social marketing?

Actually, if affecting the activities of social marketing, the right category is innovation. This is now increasingly fierce business competition, the hard work that must be done is how a clever company did a series of innovations that have never been there and not in spite of them should also be good at creating solutions to problems that occur in social course seen from the perspective of marketing.

What are the elements that are required in order for the brand can Excel in social marketing?

In fact, the most important element is the side of sincerity in seeing social problems. Because that way, when a brand is able to examine a social problem, any brand should have a solution, call it social problems such as floods, poverty, education, and health.

Usually what are the obstacles faced the company in social marketing?

In conducting the activities of social marketing, more ideal if the first thought is the social solution first. But if the social solution has been found, its impact will run into profit as well. If possible do not reversed, because the public will see that the company is not sincere in doing social marketing activity. Social marketing is the other one of few concepts in marketing activities please check my previous post about the basic concepts marketing activity here.

Is there any advice for marketers?

Now, the marketer should sign in and plunge more directly into the social reality rather than simply doing research. If only many marketers who dare to perform direct observation by finding out the reality of the target audience and the reality of society, they will certainly find the real social problem that is happening in the community.

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