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Running the product marketing strategy became one of the important factors that you need to pay attention to. Marketing strategy can be the different factor that will determine the success of your business or not. By using the right business marketing strategy, your chances of having a successful business increasingly open wide. 

Here is a business marketing strategy should you follow to become successfull business:


1. Know your Customer

The most important things you must do to to promote your business is to recognize your customers as close as possible so that you know what your customers want from products that you offer. To simplify the process to recognize the customer, you can group your customers based on age.

You can also classify your customers based on occupation and educational background, Subscriber. After you  pegging customers in multiple groups, you need to find out what Your customers are required in each group. With that, you can draw conclusions about what is required of your customers from each group and the designing of products you have to offer in order to meet the needs of customers.

The next thing you can do in marketing your products is to do a product promotion. Provide enough time to promote your product. Product promotion is very important, especially to introduce Your new product production and attract customers to buy Your products to others.

Try promotional products your doing is consistent and constant effort so that the customers will continue to interested your product. There are many types of promotions you can do like put an ad in the print and electronic media, send messages to your customers, as well as the promotion of word to mouth (WOM) or Word of mouth. You must also make this unique and exciting promotions so it could compete with the products of your competitors.

3. know your goals

In the market and promote your product, you must have a clear purpose. The promotion you do should have is not just as a promotion, but also has other equally important objectives such as promoting brand awareness, interactions with consumers, as well as means of communication.

Business strategy of brand awareness is very important and will provide excellent impact for products that Your production. By placing the promotion of brand awareness, customers can find out and realize that your product is there and is one of the best products they can choose among similar products in circulation.

4. Take advantage of Internet marketing

Today, through the internet or marketing strategy internet marketing is very important and can support the sales of your products. Interact with customers via the internet also makes it easy for You to learn more of what Your customers want from products that you create.

Internet marketing strategy can also be considered a marketing strategy that is cheap when compared to other marketing techniques. There are many internet marketing strategies you can do such as utilizing social media accounts and also utilize the search engine optimizer or SEO. If you can do two of these internet marketing strategy, business and your products can be known by consumers are wider and your chances of having a successful business will be wide open.

5. Select Location

In addition to doing the marketing and promotion of products via the internet, you must also choose a strategic business location make sure you start a business location must be in accordance with the purpose of you open your business. Crowded places where many people pass by is one of the favorite choices of business owners to open their businesses.

Strategically, however, should not constitute a lively place. Strategic location is more inclined to support the development of your business in the right location, according to your business goals. For example, if you want to open a shop clothes, accessories, or a bakery, then the place of many people is the right choice. But if you want to open a cafĂ© where people could relax and relax, quiet place likely will be better.

6. Established Relationships with consumers

Another important thing you should look as a marketing strategy for your business is to establish a good relationship with the consumer. The slogan "the consumer is King" probably sounds a bit extreme to you, but this is the right statement.

Without the consumers of your business will not run properly, because that's how you have to treat your consumers with the best. To establish good relations with consumers, you should to make communicate and contact them, either to ask for criticism and suggestions for the product that they have bought or to give news of the latest promotion you do.

7. Expand Relationship

Expand your business relationship is no less important as a marketing strategy for your business. A growing number of business relations that you have, the greater your chance to expand your business. Many business owners who disregard their good relationship with other business owners. As a result, their business difficult to flourish, becoming Dim, and then was forced to roll the mat.  

By having many relationships and maintaining good relations with your business, you can easily obtain business information through your business relationship. You also can easily file a proposal for cooperation that will benefit your business and Your business relations.

8. Measure the achievement

Target and measures of achievement is also a very important thing in drawing up the strategy of marketing your business. By installing a target for your business, you can see your business growing with more real. Measuring the achievement of your business will also help in determining the marketing strategy and the expansion of the business you are going to do next.

To measure the achievement of this business is also an evaluation of what you have done in developing your business during this and determine where the lay of the shortcomings and advantages of your business so that it can be corrected. For example, in a recent promotional activities. Install targets and the steps that you can do to achieve the target. After the activity is complete, measure the achievement of Your promotional activities and evaluation steps do you do during the process of the promotion lasts.

9. Thinking Out of The Box

In the business rules of thinking outside the box is indeed reliable. In thinking this way is thought by using the new perspective beyond the problem.

Can be demonstrated in the effort, the strategy is not focused on the drop in prices to meet the competition, but to add value to improve the customer experience itself (value added).

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