Research Keyword techniques Effectively

How to perform keyword research have often explained this, but due to the application of various techniques and then there is no harm I post again one of my keyword research technique that I use to get a keyword that does really potentially our website later.


There are 2 Processes in conducting research Keyword:


In this process I will look for keywords that related with the desired niche (e.g. niche "living room"). to do a scrape there are many tools that can be used, ranging from manual way using Google's Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, and tools such as Long Tail Pro and most I love and I use there SEMRush.

in this process will get kw that is relevant to your niche that you want (for example: living room), the result could be like this:

  • elegant living room sets
  • living room furniture sets under 500
  • Purple living room ideas
  • table lamps for the living room
  • wallpapers for the living room
  • Paint ideas for living room

Research Keyword techniques,Keyword techniques,Keyword research techniques

All proceeds collected for Keyword Scrape would then proceed to the next process i.e. Analysis Keyword.


The next step, all of the keywords that are obtained in the process/stage scraping will be analyzed further to see if the keyword profitable or not. There are two parameters that will be obtained in the analysis of Keyword:


All the factors on the basis of a user using the index. some of the parameters that are often seen in the keyword competitor are: Allintitle, Allinurl, Allinanchor, relevant page. I personally use SOC (MNF) to see all the factors overall Keyword Competitor. SOC in the calculate based on the calculation between Allintitle, allinurl, Allinanchorand.


The second part is to analyze the TOP 10 websites that occupy the first page. because this is the real competition you guys, parameters that are often viewed from a competitor's web page is PR, DA, PA, Backlinks, Link Juice, the Domain of the Aged, TF, Social Factor.  
To make it easier to see these competitors web, I prefer using matric KC in the Long Tail Pro. matric KC on can based on calculation of the value of the PA,Link Juice, Domain Aged and Dependencies with the Title of the website who are on the first page of google.

Thats It. .. Just like that My simple way of Keyword research.

Whether all the parameters/matrix of any software be trusted? and he said of course not.

But, you guys don't need thinkers whether the matrix is valid or not, how does the software determines the LOW or HIGH a Keyword. the matrix is just an indicator to I determine a keyword with Low or High the competition based on the pattern of each.  
for example:

keyword with Allintitle SOC, or 1000 < < 30 or KC 30 usually pertained < Low competition. not always of Low competition, but as long as I analyze the keyword up to this point, there are already thousands of KW wrote I see and analysis, will always indicate an 80%-90% of these low competition keywords.

The above is a basic way of how I am doing a simple keyword research based on tools. Hopefully can help.

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