How to avoid a bad promotional products

A successful business is a business that big, profitable, commercial and walk without the business owner involved in it.

To get a profitable business of course there should be an adequate sales turnover. The customer is the party that makes the occurrence the presence of sales. If we fail to persuade customers to purchase our products, then it can be ascertained that the sales will not occur.

Current customers are increasingly critical, information is easily retrieved by customers both via the media of television, newspapers, magazines, the internet, radio, billboards, mobile phone and so on.

Unfortunately many companies dispose of funds marketing promotion for granted,because there are a few mistakes in promotion products that they make. There are a few things that undermined the company's marketers, and here are the things you don't forget if you want to make your marketing promotions are effective and efficient:

Marketing is Communication and Education

Did you communicate your marketing promotion to your prospect?  
Do your customers know and understand what you are offering to them? 
Whether your communications bring a positive response from your prospect? 
Whether your marketing promotion contains education, which makes the prospect of that being don't know  about your product?


Marketing starts well before the first purchase and continues well after the last sale

Activities of marketing in the beginning is very important in sales. Without the right marketing then sales will not occur relative. Marketers often fall asleep and it is often assumed that the activities of marketing only done before the sale. The competition is currently demanding a marketer marketing activities also after going on sale.  

The purpose of this is so that your customers Transact the sale back to you and do not move on to your competition. One example: I really like with short message / sms from one of the service companies service the cars, once every 3 months for sure send sms that the bottom line is the car I need my car back in for service in top condition.


Under promising and over delivering

Your customers will be satisfied if you don't promise but you give surprises. Or you provide a product or service that exceeds what you promised. A simple example: you promised to send the goods within 2 weeks, but in fact your customers receive the goods within 5 days.


Building the right marketing campaign

There are 5 main things that are often overlooked by marketers when making promotion marketing:


The who

The who means to talk about: who is your target market, who do you expect to be able to buy your product? You as a leader need to know in detail which of your target market, not only you but all the team you also need to know and understand very well who is the target market of your product. Where



Where means the largest concentration of target market where you gathered. For example: associations, banks, housing, Gym, CafĂ© and club, malls, places of worship, office buildings. What place they visit, magazine or any media that often they reader see. By knowing this then you can do marketing promotions to the place or the media that often they use.



What are the main things with regard to what is needed and appeal to your customers. What is their current complaints and whether you can cope with or offer solutions to them? If you can offer something interesting for them then your product will be of interest to them.



WHY is concerned with the question: Why potential customers you should choose your company and products? What is the feature of your product? What are the benefits of using your product? and what are the emotional benefits that can be obtained if your customers use your product?.



Once you know and set 4 of the above: WHO, WHERE, WHAT and WHY, then you are currently living to find how you communicate about your product to the place or the medium used by your target market. What media are you using, e.g. brochures,CD, DVD, multimedia, standing banner, billboards, neon sign, booklets, social media,internet, exhibitions, seminars, door to door sales and so on.

By applying the above appropriately and consistently then promotional marketing will bring results for your company.

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