6 basic concepts in marketing activities

In marketing there are six concept that is fundamental in the implementation of marketing activities of an organization are: the concept of production, product concept, the concept of a sale, the concept of social marketing, marketing concepts, and the concept of global marketing.

Below is the explanation of the 6 basic concept of marketing activites:

1. The concept of production.

The concept of production is one of the oldest concepts in business. The concept of production stated that consumers will love the product available in many places and cheap price. Manager of production-oriented organizations focusing on efforts to achieve high production efficiency and a broad distribution.

This production-oriented concept by exerting all our efforts to achieve a high efficiency products and distribution. Here the task of management is to produce as much as possible, because the consumer is considered will receive products that are widely available with their purchasing power.

The assumption that consumers are particularly interested in the ease of obtaining products and low prices prevailing at least in two situations. The first is if the demand for the product exceeds the supply, such as those in developing countries. In these situations, consumers are more interested in getting the product rather than the specialty products, and suppliers will focus on efforts to improve production. The second situation is when the cost of production is high and should be lowered in order to expand the market.

Some service organizations also implemented the concept of production. Many doctors and dentists are managed with the Assembly line principle, as well as several government agencies (such as the Office of labor and Bureau of licenses). Indeed, the orientation of this management can handled many cases per hour, however this concept often accused not friendly and the service was bad.
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2. The concept of the product.

Product concept States that consumers will love the products that offer the quality, performance and innovative complement the best. Managers in the organization-oriented products focus their attention on efforts to produce a superior product and continue to refine it.

Based on this concept, the Manager assumes that buyers appreciate products that are well made and they can assess the quality and performance of a product.Product-oriented companies often design their products with little or no input from customers. They are convinced that their engineers know how to design and refine their products and even they do not analyze the competing product.

Product concept myopia on directing marketing, as we have talked about at the beginning of this chapter. Railway management argues that the user wants the railway trains, is not a transport, and looked at lightly challenge from an aircraft, buses and cars. Slide the bar Mills argued that engineers want mister slide, not the ability to calculate and looked at lightly challenge calculator pocket.

3. The concept of a sale.

The concept of a sale argue that consumers, with the left well enough alone, the Organization should carry out sales and promotional efforts are aggressive.

Basically the concept of sale is a large profit-oriented but is not concerned with the satisfaction of its customers, while marketing concept is more oriented on profit and also concerned with the satisfaction of its customers. The following more detailed explanation regarding both of these concepts.

The concept of a sale that is focused on sales. Therefore, the concept is more to put forward products that made their best, and then later new thought of how to sell it. Remember that the product is noteworthy.  

Implicitly the view sales concept are:

  • Consumers have a normal tendency not to purchase products which are not important

  • Consumers can be encouraged to buy more equipment or through a variety of efforts that encourage the purchase of

  • The task of the company is to organize a section that is very oriented in sales as the key to attracting and retaining a subscription.


4. The concept of marketing.

The concept of marketing mean that the key to achieving the objectives of the organization consists of determining the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the expected satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than competitors do.

The marketing concept that is focused on the needs of the buyer. Because it was preoccupied with the thought of marketing satisfying customer needs through product and overall goods related to the creation, delivery, and finally its use.  

Marketing concepts contain three basic staples:

  • Planning and operations-oriented on the needs and desires of the customers or consumers.

  • All marketing activities are done on integrated (integrated marketing).

  • The goal ultimately is to meet or achieve company goals and attempt to provide the most satisfaction to customers.

Though both sought to increase sales. The concept is to put forward what is wanted by the market, the new note we make products that the market wants. In this concept the market demands precedence and the product is the result of market surveys.

The concept which is superior? Both have advantages, however, the concept of marketing is more flexible. The concept of selling more rigid in this case because it is not necessarily the product that we produce is favored by the market. Moreover, in the concept of marketing can also be inserted the concept of sales but followed the innovations to fit the tastes of the market.  

Marketing concepts that are currently much practiced by many companies, which is why often prior to mass produce a new product the company often makes a distributed free samples to test the reaction and response of the market.


5. The concept of social marketing.

The concept of social marketing argues that the task of the organization is to "determine the needs, desires and interests of the target market, as well as provide the expected satisfaction with way more effectively and efficiently than competitors do by increasing the welfare of consumers and the public".

Sosial marketing is how we are able to do social activities for the benefit of marketing. That is, we should be able to put forward the social values at its core is a part of our marketing system. For example, if a natural disaster occurs, the company in charge of making aid programs for the victims of the disaster.  

The program is created in such a way, for example if there are consumers who buy our products, about the percent of sale proceeds allocated to disaster victims. So the benefits are obtained not only from the sales of products, but we also gain benefit from the social side.


6. The concept of Global Marketing.

On the concept of this global marketing executive, managers strive to understand all the environmental factors that affect marketing, through strategic management. The goal finally was able to fulfill the wishes of all parties involved in the company. 

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