13 ways to increase your Traffic Through Search engines

If you have a good product, maybe not many people know if not promoted. Either through social media or SEO. You still need to get customers to your website  especially if you run an e-commerce.

In this article, there are 13 ways to raise ranking in google search engine, or can we call how to effectively raise the ranking through SEO.  
Here are the tips:


1. focus on the Long Tail

If you create a new site, would have been extremely difficult to take a popular keyword quickly. It would be better if you write many articles which quality in a very specific keywords rather than pursuing a keyword that is in the search a lot. Another benefit of staying focused with a long tail keyword is a keyword-the keyword usually can give you the digit conversion better.

2. Be consistent

The longer you are in the site in the niche your business and generate online content quality, the more likely you are to come out anyway in search results for all related keywords. Start a blog and make a lot of the article is fine and good, but keep those activities over many years will be different from the old blog a month (or week).

3. Optimize your articles

There are three main things on your web page that should be optimized IE: meta Title, description and keyword. This is a thing that is simple and can be done when you publish content on your site. Indeed you definitely need time to do any published article, but the benefits are huge.

4. Don't forget about Link Building (ethical)

Link building is the Foundation of off-page optimization for search engines. The best part is that You can be free to place a link anywhere. Try asking vendors, partners, press, clients, Alma Mater and other credible source so you can embed keywords and hyperlinks back to your site for the keywords you are targeting. If your source has a high page rank, you will see the increase in your ranking in less than two months.

Use this tool from Google to find long tail keywords that are not competitive. If you are in a competitive niche, this is how you can get started.

6. Provide Value to your readers

If you want to improve Your organic search from search engines, content marketing through guest posting is the fastest way to build traffic. You need to know that content marketing is all about quality and not quantity. If you have content that is poor, people will not want to take the time to read or share them. Therefore, when writing the content, try to always ask yourself whether or not you (if a reader) will take ten minutes to read it? Do I want to share them with others? If you think your content is poor try to edit it again.

7. don't try to outsmart Google

If you try to outsmart Google maybe it will run for a while, but it is not a good strategy for the long term. To increase organic search traffic, you need to generate top-tier content relevant to what may be searched by your users. Check out Google's Keyword Tool Google Keyword/planner to make sure you are using the right keywords.

8. Think of SEO as an opportunity to create Value

SEO is not a game. At least it's not a game that you can win in the long run if you think of it as a game. Create content that has value and Google will consider your article is worth a look for. Visitors are more likely to share the content they enjoy to read and will be on your site for longer, while bloggers, media and people in the industry you can use your site as a reference, which means more organic links.

9. Lower Bounce Rate

There is one thing that is not favored search engine, namely a high bounce rate. Check your keywords, and try to optimize those pages to reduce your bounce rate. Search engines will love you for it.

Search engines will give a reward to people and companies that make high-quality content and consistent in doing it. Things like author rank on Google + will have a big effect on organic search results. Try not to just create content and publish it online, but also to be able to maximize the value of that content so it can be distributed properly across the channel of distribution and have the opportunity to become viral.

11. creating a company Blog to increase Traffic SEO

SEO is the King of organic search traffic. The more popular a keyword in your niche, the more it is also organic search leads to your site. These include too much text on the main page of your site that could harm your site rather than make it a good one. It can also create difficulty for consumers find the information they want. Rather than remove it from your site, try to start a separate blog as additional SEO work. Use a blog to write about your niche, whether it's construction, beauty or entertainment. Try to do keyword research to find out which phrases are the trends in your industry and enter them in a blog post.

12. In collaboration with industry experts as leverage (leverage)

Everyone loves the opinion of experts. You'll be surprised how easily you can convince the leaders of industry to contribute in making a guest post to your blog. They will have their own readers, and people will become familiar with your brand. The industry expert tends to generate content that has a value that will appeal to users and readers.

13. Create a community

Answering the questions of your community is very important to increase the traffic to your website from Google. You must be a trusted brand in your niche. If many communities ask questions, surely the questioning process will provide high-quality content, valuable and useful. Google is very mindful of this. When you provide the answers to your community, Google will improve your site's ranking. You of course also creates loyalty in your community and a good ranking in Google at the same time. It is a situation that provides a win-win solution.

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