What is SEO in world of internet ?

What is SEO ?
If you ever do a search website in Google, Yahoo!, Bing, or any other search engine, you will see a list of websites that are relevant to your search.

The search engine sorts the search results are not random, but based on the level of the relevance and quality of the website.

There are many factors used by search engines to determine both these factors. Here's what aspects influenced SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the efforts to optimize a website for search engines in order to get a better ranking in search results.

The search engine using a specific algorithm to sort websites based on rank.

With the practice of SEO, means we customize our website in order to be friendly with the algorithm.

Since the existence of search engines like Google, almost all of the people searching for information online through search engines.

This shows how the importance of SEO for your website, with the help of SEO you can get thousands to tens of thousands of visitors per day.

Moreover, visitors from the search engines is the people who are hungry for information and want to buy the product. If you have an online business, visitors from search engines will have a conversion rate (conversion rate).

SEO is part of inbound marketing is a modern marketing techniques in the digital age.

Inbound marketing, including SEO is a method of marketing that the smallest cost compared to traditional marketing techniques.

Google (and other search engines) is a product. They want to so that other people are satisfied using their service.

Users want so that the best websites that are relevant to the search appears on the first page. Because that's what the search engines are always want to show the best results for each keyword that you enter user.

So the core of SEO is to make your website the best for the keywords you want.

Okay ...  
so the best. But in terms of what?

What is SEO in the world of internet ?
  • The content presented
  • Structure and navigation
  • The satisfaction of users (User Experience)

The popularity of In this SEO guide series we will learn how you can be the best rather than your competitor.

Can my website be successful without SEO?

Yes, You Can!

Having regard to the basic concepts of SEO at the top, you actually don't need to dizzy thinking about SEO. Not rarely the person who has a popular website without knowing SEO.

This is because search engines are currently brainstorming assumes the page structure and the quality of the website.

Current SEO in practice more dominant as a business marketing than technical.


It is possible your website still need a little more effort than you are to be successful. Besides knowing the SEO techniques you understand how to create a successful website.

What is the SEO I can do myself ?

There are a lot of people or companies that offer SEO services, but the real SEO also you can do it yourself without using the service.

With the existence of various SEO guide is provided for free on the internet (including this manual), you can learn a self-taught and applying it themselves.

You could save millions of dollars by doing its own optimization.

For website information structure are simple, you most likely don't need to be using the SEO services and simply rely on this guide.

But if your website have a complicated structure such as an online store or web-app, there's a chance you need SEO services to simplify structures in order to be friendly to search engines.

What should I learn?

There are several major components in SEO, these components that will determine how well your website for SEO. This component is determine the order of rank in the search results of search engines.

In a nutshell, here's what you need to learn to master SEO.

 Have a question or comment? Please feel free to share your experiences with me regarding the term seo.

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