Tips On Choosing A Domain Name For Your Blog

A beginner just learning blogger blogging usually doesn't think are ripe when it wants to choose a domain name (including my first).

In fact I actually a lot of important things to note.

Important things ?

Quite a lot.

Please note only tips on choosing a domain name for the blog below.

1. do not use a free domain

The first thing to note is as much as possible not to use the free domain.

Free domain is usually sought by the novice bloggers don't wait want use own domain but don't have money or mock don't have money to pay a paid domain.

Indeed why,  If there are free why should buy?

If you wants to build a blog for managed seriously then wear free domain is less intelligent.

The reason:

Free domain is not entirely free, usually free of charge the first year or are there hidden requirements. The domain access could lose a mate without notice (I've never experienced it)

Someday could hit banned by Google (used to have already happened)
Ugly, not professional, not cool.

2. Forget the EMD, choose brand able domain

EMD or Exact-Match Domain is a domain that is using targeted keyword to get rankings on the search engines.

For example a like to target the keyword "how to make a cake" well buddy was able to use the Exact-Match Domain

Whereas a brand able domain is the domain name that you prefer branding rather than keywords. The example simply as google.com, yahoo.com, facebook.com, etc.

For reserved EMD vs brand able domain the truth still often a debate among bloggers. It is argued is better because the EMD can help improve your ranking in the search engines, there are also argued if brand able domains are much nicer.

I personally prefer to use brand able domain rather than using a domain solely for the pursuit of keyword.

The first reason is because I think the Exact-Match Domain is not so influential on the ranking in the search engines, especially Google.

Both because the Exact-Match Domain is identical to the web-web spam and also web-web of low quality.

Not surprised if in 2016 Google updating Algorithm for reducing the Exact-Match Domain web of low quality in the search results.
tips choice domain for your blog
Keep whether the means to use the keyword in the domain name is bad-ugly?

Not at all, you can still use the keyword in the domain name's origin is not a Exact-Match Domain.

Examples include ebay.com online store website. These domains contain the keyword "stores", but there are branding.

3. Do not use the trademark in a domain name

This one usually is often overlooked by a when registering a domain name.

When using the trademark or trademark belonging to another person on a domain name can be risky blog we are required by the owner of the trademark.

For example a friend make a blog with domain name google.com, it is not impossible that later Google will contact party to demand fines 500 million because using their trademark without permission.

So check it first before you enrolled the domain names are domain names that contain select your trademark or not.

4. Select the extensions .com, .NET or cc TLD

When you looking for domain name try to find domains with the extension. COM. The reason because this domain extension is the most popular on the internet.

Most people who still lay on the internet consider all the website address on the internet behind it. COM. So so don't make a puzzled laymen wear extension. COM.

If you did not find the right domain name with the extension .com, the alternative could be using the .NET extension (the second most popular domain extensions).

But if the .com and .NET dont exist that fit, the third alternative is to use the cc TLD.

Most people will recommend .org as a third alternative, but I'd recommend cc TLD since .org less suitable to be mounted on the blog.

What is a cc TLD?

cc TLD stands for Country Code top-level Domain, a domain extension devoted to certain countries.

For example:

DE = Germany

ES = Spain.

In = India

JP = Japan

DLL = stands for "and others"

5. create a unique domain name may be

Make a domain name may be unique, don't imitate an existing domain name.

For example the blog discusses technology, so try not to use the word "Techno" on your domain name.

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