The simplest way and Potent so Lively Blog Visitors

lively blog visitors
The simplest way and Potent so Lively Blog visitors. how much does the average visitors/visitor that comes to blog friend every day? 10.100, 1000 or 10,000 people? clear the create the blogger definitely want lively blog visitors.
Possible for bloggers that have long existed between the visitor already is not a problem anymore, but for the novice author like blogger visitor numbers will be a key issue. Why would make many posts when no one is reading. Yeah anyway????

The simplest way and Potent so Lively Blog Visitors In attracting visitors came to our blog it is influenced by many factors, such as the author will review and summarized from various sources below:
Make the original post instead of copy and paste results from other blogs. You can look for referrals from search engines and edit using the language's own 
finish creating the posting right away do ping.  

Ping is a notification if there is updates: us. can ping in http://googleping.com or http://auto-ping.com/service/ follow the steps and check all unchecked. This will tell you the ping to a variety of search engines
answer: each comment buddy, so expect visitors to feel cared for and will visit back
just visit to blog to others (blog walking) especially as it has a DA and PA is high, then leave a good comment appropriate topic so that the blog owner is pleased to pay a visit. explanation of the DA and the PA can be read on the article: Understanding Domain and Page authority.
follow the blog a visit, can follow the g +, fans facebook page, twitter, or subscribe by email. while expecting admin blog want to follow back.

looking for a quality back link, You also must know how to find out the quality back links
register your blog  to google webmaster tools and bing webmaster tools (instead of yahoo)

Update!!! : The easiest way and Potent so Lively Blog Visitors henceforth is to make the article useful or the most searchable by keyword, so hopefully the article we have the first page of search engines like google or yahoo, and it opened a lot of people make anchor text of each article, that is to say every article add a link to our article to another at least two above and in the middle like this: 5 blog ranking cause of us down. with the Add anchor text expected visitors will open up our articles more and would welcome are: us
make a blog that got mix the article  meaning do not solely one topic, but a few topics for example: software, musicbusiness tips and tricks,blog,internet marketing, ect.

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