The Notion And Function Of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service from Google that displays statistics of visitors to a website. Google Analytics can trace visitors based on information in pages, including search engines, advertising networks, pay-per-click, email marketing, and also the links that are contained in the PDF document. If integrated with AdWords, Google Analytics is also useful to analyse effective AdWords ads placed on Google. With Google Analytics, users can find out which ads and keywords what most many refer to web site users. Google Analytics applications can be accessed via the address http://google.com/analytics/.  

Google Analytics is also used to find out the density of the traffic of your website/blog. By using Google Analytics can someone make a report about your website/blog traffic within daily, weekly, or monthly. To register on Google Analytics, someone just needs to have a Google account

Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that provides rich insight about your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Now, features a sophisticated, flexible and easy to use makes you see and analyze your traffic data in new ways. With Google Analytics, you can create more targeted ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives, and create web sites with a higher conversion.

Got a blog certainly is not mere write permission. Bloggers should also know how to look at his effectiveness in delivering benefits to its readers. Unless your destination blogging just to add the media to vent is not clear, other than Facebook and Twitter, you should complete the blog with tools that will tell a great deal about the habits of visitors to your blog. By knowing a lot of things from the characteristics expected of visitors, you can further improve the quality of content in order to improve the traffic of visits to your blog.
The Notion And Function Of Google Analytics
Public function Google Analytics Tools are commonly used by the world's bloggers to get complete information about visitors to the blog is Google Analytics. 
In General Google Analytics function is:

Know the number of visitors based on specific time ranges, per day, per week, monthly or total. The number of visitors could also be categorized on new visitors and returning visitor Page or most visited article here the total number of visits to each page Find out how long the average time a visitor spent on the blog
Knowing the source of the arrival of visitors. The options are search engines (search engine), the visitor directly (direct traffic), from another website (the referring website) and other (other)
Knowing the country of origin of visitors
Special functions of Google Analytics I have explained some common functionality of Google Analytics above. Next Google Analytics also gives a more detailed report about the visitors.  
The following details the things I know to be had from Google Analytics:

Total Visits
Total new visits (the first time visitors coming to your blog)
The average time spent by visitors on the blog Visitor loyalty. This is seen from the data of a person's number of visits to your blog. If the visitor then repeated this categorized as loyal visitors Percentage of new visitors with total visits Country of origin of your visitors and the visitor language
The type of browser and operating system the visitor is Visitor's monitor resolution
The kind of gadget that visitors use (computers, mobile) and mobile operating systems your visitors are using
Visitor's connection speed The ISP the visitor follows the ISP name Source Traffic (Traffic Sources) Google Analytics also gives details about the reports from which visitors find our blog.  
Things that can be seen are:

The origin of the visits. As I mentioned earlier, the origin of the visits are categorized based on visits from search engine, website and direct refferal. We can conclude things which bring the most visitors to our blog. Whether from SEO Optimization Search Engine blogwalking and stocking activities, backlinks (Referring Sites) or from direct (promotion of besides blogwalking and stocking a backlink)
The percentage of the origin of the visits. 
From here could have assessed how the effectiveness of the arrangement of keywords that a magnet for visitors blog. I found this blog enjoy the flow a fairly heavy traffic from the keyword subject replace the logo of bloggers on the address bar (fav-icon)
The content (Content) in the content section, I can see a detailed report about:

Article/Post where the most visited
Most articles are read by the visitor before leaving the blog. From points 1 and 2 of this can be drawn the conclusion whether the visitor is quite interested in the other articles in our blog. If points 1 and 2 refer to the same article title, can be roughly summed up that the content on the blog less attracted the attention of visitors. 

These all, by understanding the results report from Google Analytics, I hope we can evaluate comparison between the objective of making the blog with the results shown. Do not let the purpose of the creation of the blog is not the same with the results visible.

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