The difference of blogger, wordpress and worspress org

One of the things that often make a confused newbie bloggers when it wants to start blogging is choosing a blogging service that will be used.

The cause of course because on the internet there are so many blogging platform or blogging services to choose from, from free to paid.

But if asked which are the most excellent, blogger.com, wordpress.com and wordpress.org are usually into three blogging platforms are most often recommended people.

Now roughly a third of the blogging platform which is the best?

Choosing the right blogging platform for you.

Based from my experience ever blogging at blogger.com, wordpress.com and also wordpress.org, I think it's kind of hard to determine which is the best because all depends on the purpose of blogging.

So in my opinion it is better do not find which one is best, but a search which is approximately the most fitting to you.
perbedaan blogger.com and wordpress.com

Therefore, below I will try to explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of blogger.com, wordpress.com and wordpress.org that can hopefully help you so as not to get confused in choosing the right blogging platform.

Logo blogger.com
Blogger or blogspot is commonly referred to as a free blogging service run by Malaysia's internet, Google.

This free blogging service was first launched in 1999 by a company called Pyra Labs and was acquired by Google in 2003.

Well since diakuisi by Google, bloggers began to develop into one of the most popular blogging service in the world, especially in Indonesia.

Excess Blogger.com

Free forever
Very easy to use
Feature appreciable complete
Without advertising
Can post articles as many, not endless.
1 account can make 100 blog
Super safe because it is managed by Google
Guaranteed rarely down because it uses Google's servers
Could replace the template and edit the appropriate template is
Can be used to make money
Integrated with Google AdSense and Google +
Can a custom domain (domain should buy yourself)
and etc.

Blogger.com deficiency

We do not have full access to the blog we manage
Should existing regulations against wayward
Blogs by blogger.com can be removed without notice if caught breaking the rules
Blogger.com suitable for who?

For bloggers who are just learning of blogging
For the learning code of HTML and CSS while blogging
For the making money from blog but do not have much capital.

Logo wordpress.com

WordPress.com is a free blogging service is the same as blogger.com established by the company called Automattic.

Since blogger.com and wordpress.com are also managed by two different companies, certainly in terms of look and also features both blogging service is much different.

But despite so, both famous is easy to use for novice bloggers.

The advantages of WordPress.com:

Free forever
Very easy to use
Don't need to dizzy technical problems
Super safe
Guaranteed rarely down
Hundreds of free themes available that can be used
Integrated with several popular wordpress plugins
Could do a custom domain (must pay $18/year)
and etc.
The shortage of WordPress.com:

We do not have full access to the blog we manage
Should existing regulations against wayward
Cannot be used for making money (except using WordAds)
Limited features, if you want a more complete feature, you must pay an amount of money.
Only 3 GB of storage media
There are advertising.
WordPress.com suitable for who?

For bloggers who just want to funneling hobby wrote
For bloggers who just write personal notes in to bloging
For bloggers who do not there is intention to make make money from blog
For bloggers who want to share information on the internet but don't want ribettechnical problems
For bloggers who specifically want to make money from WordAds

Logo Wordpress.org
Some of the you certainly confused what is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Although both have the same name, but actually they are both completely different.

WordPress.com is a place where we could create a blog for free without the need to hire a hosting and domain. While WordPress.org is a place where we can download the WordPress application that we can put it in your own hosting and also its own domain.

This WordPress application not only can be used to create a blog only, but can also be used to create a website like in General.

The advantages of WordPress.org:

Free and Open Source
Your blog's like your own, free like what you want to
Features super complete
Can use the theme for free and premium, distributed on the internet
There are many plugins that can be used
Almost no regulations that need to be followed
and etc.

The shortage of WordPress.org:

WordPress itself is free, but to use it you need to rent hosting and your own domain
Because it uses its own domain hosting and no doubt it took no small amount of capital
Is a bit more elaborate
Security issues are the responsibility of their own.

WordPress.org suitable for who?

For professional bloggers
For internet marketers
For online business
For the people who want to blogging seriously
For bloggers who made the blog as the main source of income
And other ...

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