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How to research keywords - if you want to learn SEO, you must know what is keywords and how its application. Proper keyword selection is as important as the selection of the niche for a website. Both of these are regarded as the fundamental reasons why a lonely website visitors.

Closely related blog or website with the search engines. Our task is to customize the website to be relevant to the keywords entered by the internet user. Let's discuss further how the importance of keyword research is done.

Not a few bloggers who stopped blogging for not too despite the keyword selection. Whereas by doing keyword research we can measure how tremendous potential traffic we will be.

While still very new to the blogging world, I created any articles that crossed my mind. The topic that I think is quite interesting is sure I created regardless of the importance of researching keywords.

When I was quite satisfied with my achievement because that article could perch on the Google search rank 
1. But on the other hand I was confused because the blog traffic has increased.

After I learned SEO and get to know what is a keyword, then I realized that the key words in that article have absolutely no interest in this.

So I create an article without being? Ooh, consequently the blog ever I remove from civilization and back to blogging from scratch its moral Message., keyword research is important in order for the articles we write does not end on the delete key.

Learning from experience, since that time before writing my articles directly to Google Keywords Planner to make sure topics I bring have plenty of enthusiasts. If it's not there, I will discuss the topic with most enthusiasts. Simple!

For those of you ambition increase your blog visitors from search engines or search engine then researched keyword is mandatory agenda before you start writing articles.

Remember! Research keyword or keyword is a part in SEO strategy. All matters relating to the science of SEO it is definitely important to do.

Analysis of the competition!

Instead of just researching keywords, You also charged are able to analyze the competition or competition from the keywords that you are at. For the new blog, it doesn't hurt to retreat a bit and target keywords with low competition.

Surefire way in Google keyword research Keyword PlannerThis part of the strategy that we can still appear on the first page. You can join in the competition of high competition in the website you've provided a solid SEO Foundation.

Low competition does not mean without being one!

I guess you are already quite familiar what is keywords along with their goals. The next well let me invite You to get to know what are the types of keyword or keywords below.

What are the types of keyword?

Before further learning SEO, there is no harm if we know some kind of keyword below. There are at least 4 types of keyword is most important to note here.

1. Short Tail Keyword

Short tail keyword is a keyword that ideally only consists of one or two words only. 
Examples include:
  • Laptop
  • Computer
  • Cheap Laptop
  • Latest PC
  • etc.
Short-tail keywords generally have a fairly high level of competition. It is not easy to compete on keyword-keyword like this without a qualified SEO science provided.

2. The Long Tail Keyword

Appropriate means, long tail keyword is a keyword that is composed by 2 or more words.  
Examples include:
  • The Output Of The Latest Asus Laptops
  • Asus Laptop Price List Update
  • etc.
Of the two types of keyword above both have the potential for traffic, it's just a potential long tail keyword traffic is not as much as the traffic generated from the short tail keyword.

If your blog is still very new, I personally recommend you to choose the type of keywords that both because the level of competition is not too high.

3. A permanent Keyword

Keyword permanence only a term to describe keywords that are fixed and will continue to be used by user in search of information on search engines.

Examples include:
"How to overcome dandruff"

This keyword is a keyword permanently because it is more impersonal.

4. Keyword While

If there is a permanent keyword, this time also there is a keyword that is temporary.Usually this type of keyword often used by sporting news portals and websites.

Examples include:
"The 2016 World Cup match schedule"

Certainly you will not use the same sentence to find the schedule of the World Cup 2018 instead? that is what is meant by the temporary keyword.
theory of yesteryear, when the heck did practice ? Yes, it is time!

How To Perform Keyword Research/Keyword

Before I explain a little, in doing research keyword this time we will be using two different free tools i.e. Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Ubbersuggest.

Why two? because both of these tools has its uses for each keyword research takes place. Google AdWords Keyword Planner is useful to know the potential traffic a keyword, whereas Ubbersuggest is useful for searching keywords derived from the primary keyword.

Well we should get on with it!

Prepare Keyword Candidates Article

First you have to do is prepare a short tail keywords that are relevant to the discussion of the topic of your blog. Keyword that you choose it will be utilised to find long tail keywords or keyword derived from keyword before.

To specify keywords, think whatever keywords are roughly related to the niche of your website. Think of your website to discuss about the technology, then you can choose some keywords such as software, hardware, gadgets, PCS, smartphones and the like.

Find Long Tail Keywords

After you set up keyword short tail, the next step is you need to find keywords derived from a keyword you've set previously. Refer to the following steps!

1. Please log onto https://ubersuggest.io/
2. Enter the keywords that you have set up.
3. After You click the suggest button is red, the right keywords You will be processed and will appear
4. We see are still classified as short tail keyword, you can right click in the keyword section anywhere you want.
5. Well from short tail keyword you will find long tail keywords as a keyword derived previously.
The next step please download the keyword list file by pressing the button download all.

Analysis Of The Potential Traffic Keyword

If you've downloaded the file from Ubbersuggest to be analyzed, the next we enter the download results into Google AdWords Keywoard Planner.  
Refer to the following steps.

1. Log in to Google AdWords Keywoard Planner

Select "Get search volume data and trends". File upload Ubbersuggest via the choose files. Press "Get serach volume.
2. After that, the display will appear as shown below. Analysis of the level of competition for each keyword that appears on that page.

Specify the keywords that will be in Use

When you've passed through a series of steps above, it is time for you to specify keywords which you will use. Well, if you've been steady with Your keyword selection, now you need to figure out how to make articles that are favored by Google here.

The tips on how to research keywords or keyword this time. Hopefully what we discuss in this article is useful for all of us especially for new bloggers (newbie) who are learning SEO.

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