In order to make a Website appear on the first page of Google/Ranking No.1

What is SERP ? 

Make sure once you know how to create a blog and enhance your appearance, then learn how to let the Website appear on the first page of Google/Ranking No.1 in various machine seekers. This is very important given the highest traffic a blog is generally obtained because of its position can be occupied page 1 on google.

Why is this so? This is because almost all internet users always rely on the search engine to search for any article from a variety of web. In the world of blogging is also known by the term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization that if interpreted in the language of Indonesia is search engine optimization. The meaning here we do everything on internal and external websites we easily indexed and occupied the rank of the best, be it in terms of domain, articles, templates, and also back link. All the parts must be understood as one by one in order to be easily realized.

SEO website to the first page or Rank 1 Google actually is not difficult, it just takes persistence and hard work. In addition, consistently performing the techniques every day is important to be able to succeed, it's because you're competing with millions of bloggers who have the same goal, so one day you just stop doing optimization so certain you will lose competitiveness. For it is recommended at least once a day update on your blog, especially on the articles and links that lead to sites that we manage.


How to blog entry page 1 google

There are four points that are required in order to optimize our blog could be the champion, i.e. themes and domains, templates, articles and link. Each takes its own handling gradually to the maximum and it starts the first time you build the site which we will develop, i.e. ranging from choosing the theme and its name is already obligated to consider what is the most fitting or in accordance with the rules of SEO from the Master, the following explanation:

1. Theme and Domain

Everyone is obliged to determine the theme of what will be focused on its website every time you want to start making, this is because the focus on keyword 1 is much better than on a constructed blog with keywords that are diverse because it will definitely compete with which only deals with the keywords that it-that's it.

For that, make sure you know how to use Google Adwods Keyword Planner which is its function as a tool to analyze what keywords a lot searched on google every month, because there is no means to create a website entry on the first page of google if it turns out the themes that were discussed there is nothing to seek or need it. It is highly recommended that minimal search search 5000 times a month.

Choose Domain – after it was decided the theme of the blog that fit, then take note and try to create a domain or a website address which will be purchased there are similarities of theme or at least include the word of the themes. That is to say put it this way, for example only the theme question "how to make a blog ', well try later on in its domain there are those words or some of them. This function so that google easily read between the relevance domain and the discussion in the web you are certainly imposes on its position in the search engines. And regarding this theme need a detailed explanation, for it on the following page: Tips and advice for a great Domain names and SEO Friendly.

Domain .com  About how to buy Domain com we already discussed, although note major factor blog or website are on the first page of Google but this could give a little influence, let alone right now a lot of the issues that arose among the bloggers that the TLD (Top Level Domain) influences the position of the article beyond just a blog on search. In addition, the trust blog visitors will be higher than using the BBS is now an awful lot of found that provides tutorials that are not qualified.

2. The Template

This section is already entered on the layout and the look of the website we build, but don't get me wrong if this is also the most important part to be aware of in order to make our website easy to rank 1 in google, especially how it looks simple and have the loading speed of no more than 5 seconds each time in access, but for more details need to be explained one by one.

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