How to understand Keyword in your website or blogs

What is a keyword ? What is the role of keyword on the blog? is it important to use the exact keyword? Various questions posed related to the keyword.
So the keyword is the key traffic. Its meaning here the keyword/keyword bring traffic to the blog. How is that?

The Keyword definition/What

Creed I about keyword this is an important point in an entry or article. For example:
Learning SEO is important to ensure that your blog is in a batch of major search engine/search engine.

So the keyword or an important point in the verse is Learn about search engine optimizer. So that's called keyword. Why Learn it's was selected as keyword? It is, therefore, Learn SEO is the word common and most widely searched in search engines.

Understanding Keyword Based Language

In terms of the language Keyword can be interpreted as a keyword is a word or concept with special meaning, particularly any word used as a button for the code or used in the manual to link to other words or other information.  Everyday life this Keyword can be likened as a key to a room in the online world is usually the content of the article from a website or blog.

Understanding Of Computer Programming Language Keyword Based

Keyword or keywords in the grammatical rules of the programming, are words that should not be used as variable names, functions, procedures, and other constant, because words are words that have been ordered by the language to do basic commands.
understanding keyword
Understanding Keyword Based On The World Of Internet Marketing

Keyword or keyword phrase that we want so that the website can be found easily by search engines. Sometimes corporate climate encourages people to use the phrase. Keyword is not simply what we call upon our own. More keyword refers to what is thought of by the surfer (or based on the perspective of the site visitor) written on the box of the search engine. General keyword is the Foundation in online business especially for the internet marketer.

research keyword
Learning SEO is a common word so it must already Learn this SEO keyword will be the competition in the search engines. Therefore, you need to know and apply to ensure that the keyword SEO Learning in the article you get a great place in the search engines. 
Note to you :
1. Make sure that the Keyword be heading in your blog
2. Best Keyword entries you have in link: www,matangantux.com examples/learning seo <--this is keyword
3. Recommended label/tags also use the appropriate keyword

The Importance Of Keyword

Keyword is able to increase traffic traveling blog search engines. Indirectly, the more traffic you get through organic traffic because the keyword comes from search engine e.g. google, yahoo,  bing So the optimal keyword you'd better.
Chase keywords

Henceforth tools such as keyword planner in google adwords can reveal a number of specific keyword searches in a specific period of time. Therefore there are bloggers who are in favor of pursuing a traffic key words of it.

Of course he had to compete with others who are also targeting the same keywords.

Reasonable actually only pursuing a particular keyword, for a site that relies solely on traffic from search engines, while the article does not look for people, then it is definitely no visitors coming. Simply put the hell like that.

In addition, there are people who for the sake of SEO key word puts in unnatural. So his writings became awful read by humans.

Enter keywords with very much no use. Keyword weighting it the longer it will be on the wane. Even at some point will become negative, and You thought was doing a keyword stuffing. If my term, is like a gap of keywords. This fact will harm you.

Long Tail Keyword

long tail keyword
When you are more sophisticated, certainly you will hear the term long tail keyword.So the story here. While competition keyword with a word or two has increased, people began to turn to search using more than four words. Indeed the potential traffic new not as high as that short. But competition is also low.

Usually people who are selling, the more pleased with the long tail keyword, because usually the more obscure that's intensi. For example, "red running shoes for outdoor" compared to "the red shoes" only.

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