How to search for the right product in 3 Practical Steps

This is the earliest steps in starting business. But surprisingly in this phase that most people who want to do business so deadlock and then decided to cancel. This means that has not yet started but has failed.

Determine the product is not as simple as it, there are 3 things that you should consider:

What products that you want to sell
whether the product can be sold
where the search for his suppliers

though later when the product has been determined, you will realize that starting a new business is not as hard as the man. As long as there is already (goods or services/services) which will be sold.

So this is actually the most important step in the start of the business.

Through this article you will learn how to determine the best products for you, profitable for sale, as well as the steps to get the product. In the 5 minutes before you will be ready to start their own businesses.

The characteristics of the product that is right for the beginner

I think those who read this article would have the beginner in doing business, alias do not have the same experience once. With the assumptions, let us first discuss the characteristics of the right product for beginners.

This is because not all types of products able to be sold by all circles.

More importantly, even products that seems simple can be so thus create hassle. So make sure you use these guidelines when selecting the product.

The characteristics of the following characteristics:

How to search for the right product to be sold in 3 Practical StepsThe Size is not too large and weighing under 3 kg. So you do not need to bother to do storage and delivery. Digital products including in a good category for beginners.
The price between 70 thousand up to 3 million. The price is too low will be difficult because you need to sell many to gain high. While the high price products will need people who experienced.

Specific to certain circles. For example if you sell food, specify a specific market target for example children colleges or white collar workers, etc. Thus, sales later will be more effective.
Not sold in mini-market and supermarket. Other people will not buy from you when they can find the product in a more credible as supermarket.

Product Not KW. If you want to so small seller, sell products KW or imitation may not be a problem. But if you aspire to higher should be avoided. In the long term will be bothering themselves.

One extra again, if you want to sell online should the products not divide. Because besides difficult to sent, you will bother dealing with the complaint buyer when the failure occurs in the delivery.

But all of the above guidelines only for beginners. For you have experienced, please ignored.

After you understand the characteristics of good products, let us determine which products are right for you.
The steps look for products to be sold to

speak about search product, there are 2 things that are usually thought. First, look for products that are right for you. Second, looking for supplier for the product.

But there are 1 stages again that often forgotten. That is to analyze whether the product will be able to sold or not, is there who will purchase the product or not.

This is not a problem if you sell products that would have been meeting and thanked, for example laptop, HP, and similar substances. While for you to sell the new product that is different from what already exists, this stage required.

I am personally very often get email questions like this: "How so that my product saleable sold? I have already done a variety of ways, but sales still desolate."

When it products sold is not interesting.

If the product sold one, any business that you do to increase sales will fail. The better we are critical in earlier than the already lapsed way but finally wind mats. In practice, many like that.

Therefore, follow these guidelines to the step-by-step.

Step 1 - Get new product ideas

there are usually 2 types of people:

People know what they want to sell
those who do not know what is sold, although it has been thinking hard the

first type is usually because they sell the products in accordance with the passion of him. For example the hobby of photography sell camera and its accessories, or enthusiastic with fashion sold clothes.

The second type, because they do not have the passion.

Indeed passion and hobby is the most practical solution in the business. Although I understand that not all people have the passion that can be sold.

Therefore, to determine the products please take a piece of paper and pen. Then answer these questions:

What is the biggest problem that you or the people around you experience today?
Is there any product that can become the solution?
What passion from the people around you who make you impressed?
What training is never you follow during the school, lectures or after graduating?
Whether there are among your friends who are also entrepreneurs?
Whether the model can be imitated?
What is the trend that is up the leaves in the environment around you or outside of the land?
What often purchased from outside the city or outside the country by the people around you?
What expertise, Customs vessels of you that often amazes others?

I will not be able to provide instant answers to you. You must find the answer itself, seventh this question only as a hook.

This is because at the end of the day you must be enthusiastic with the products you sell. Although not a passion, but the success of the sellers will definitely enthusiastic with their own products.

Do not proceed to the second stage if you have not answered the seven questions above.

If it is already, please continue.

Step 2 - evaluate the feasibility of products

you must have accidentally see those who sell products that are not usual, then think: "indeed there are who want to buy, yes?"

The products as it is finally so failed to total or thus so booming. From the perspective of the third, we might see strange a.i.. But as human beings we tend to prefer to consider the idea that we have it good ... although may in fact not so.

This is what happens when you determine the product.

We, as people who have the idea, not strange ideas with us. Yet from the point of view of other people actually type of product you sell it strange. This happens because the owner of the idea of falling love with a.i., so so blind with the opinion of others.

If you are careful, this could be the cause of the failure of the business.

Better we realized in the beginning when the product is not worthy to be sold from already lapsed way. Will waste time and cost.

There are 3 ways to do the evaluation.

First, with asked directly with your acquaintances.

Search for some people from family and friends near you that about will be interested with the idea of your product. Ask if they want to spend money to buy the product.

Remember, do not ask if there are willing to buy. Ask if they want to buy.

Even easier, post to Facebook or Twitter.

The first way. There are 1 additional steps that must be done if you want to sell the product online:

second way, see in the shops online.

Open some sites online marketplace as amazon and others. Or can also with Google. And then perform a search for the type of product you want to sell.

Is there who successfully sell products online?

If not, then you must be careful. Could be the type of the product is not capable of being sold online for any reason.

For example cracker products or other dry food. When sold offline will conduct hard, but when sold online no buy.

Third, in view of the market trends.

Not all products are sold today can remain behavior next year, next month or next week. If you want to build a business for the long term then you must choose a product that will remain popular in the long term.

Even though the sounds scary but the third stage is very easy.

To do this, open Google Trends and then enter the type of product that you want to sell. See the graph trend's.

An example of the graph a good trends like this:
graph good market trends

The trend's up continuously over time. Although slowly but we can see that the people are increasingly interested in this product.

On the contrary, this is an example of a bad trends:
graph bad market trends

see how trends in this product rose in a short time. Usually influenced by the media and artist. But then because the trend's low then its popularity fell.

Step 3 - Searching for suppliers to the product

Depending on the products you want to sell, you can so need supplier goods or raw materials. If the second, you may also need to manufacturing process raw material is the material so. Depending, but how to search for it is not much different.

The same as the first step, I could not give direction that 100% clearly because depending from the product, location, price and quality that you want.

These are some of the ways to search for your product suppliers.

First, search in Google.

Open Google and then use the following key words:

The supplier [product type]
Drop ship [product type]
Distributor [product type]
Wholesale [product type]
[Manufacturer product type]

Example: wholesale plain t-shirt.

To remember, you must be careful to choose the supplier online. Make sure you own have already tried its products to ensure quality.

The best reliable suppliers may not appear in the first page. Visit to the page 5-10 to ensure that you find the best supplier.

Second, browse around where you lived.

Actually the traditional way is far better than looking for online. The reason for this is that most of the suppliers not using the internet to sell products.

Spend time a day or two for around the city. If you have never do this, you billed was surprised to see the number of supplier product in your city itself.

For the efficiency, ask to your acquaintances locations nearest suppliers.

Third, browsing on the market online.

In addition Google, the best way to search for the suppliers is by visiting the online marketplace as amazon and others.

As the sellers, suppliers in general also using media like this to reach the sellers.

In addition to the marketplace already mentioned, there is also a website provides products for sale.

Fourth, import from China.

Is no longer a secret that in China production costs far cheaper than products in Indonesia. Then from that many sellers in Indonesia that brings the products directly from China.

Even suppliers that much of that upgrading the import from China.

One of the largest site to get supplier products is Ali baba. The function of this website is indeed as marketplace for suppliers to distributors.

Import goods from China was also not as hard as the man. As long as the products you sell in accordance with the characteristics of in the above, should not be a problem.

In addition to the four steps above, there is one more alternative is creating digital products. Can be in the form of products such as e-book information, video tutorials, and articles guide. Or also can be in the form of software/apps. To learn how to make their own digital products, please follow this online business guide.

Step 4 - Time to start sellers!

Congratulations, the most difficult step in starting a business is you skip. Now it is time start merchandise.

Depending on the type of the products, probably the easiest way for the beginner to start to sell is through the internet. With the use of online media, you do not need to open a physical store so that initially cost can be pressed.

In addition, create a website to sell does not mean that you cannot be used to sell offline. Thus your website can be used to increase sales coverage.

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