Benefits of google Adwords, what is google AdWords?

When talking about Google Adsense, it's not yet be satisfied if not offensive about one of Google's flagship product, namely AdWords. Inside Adsense, usually we as publishers will be paid by Google while as our advertizer should instead pay into Google as fare advertising in Adwords. And she says, the money from the advertising results is used by Google to pay the publisher. This is called mutualisme symbiosis, where mutual benefit and need each other, but in the end only turnover to be around the circle.

Actually what is Google AdWords?
If Google AdWords is defined as ad words from Google seems less palatable to be heard. However, Adwords essentially used by Google as one of the sources of income through their advertising program with unique mechanism offered to producers so that they can market their business or business/product/service through the internet network. Certainly from the explanation you will be better able to understand what exactly Google Adwords it.

On its own, we can see how it looks when we type in a keyword in the Google page. And if you see a yellow box that reads ' Ad or Ads ' under an article title, then that's one design of advertising through Google. Sometimes these ads could appear on the side bar, top, and bottom of the page.

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Google is the biggest search engine today and of course there are countless benefits to be gained from such advertising products Google AdWords. Profit in AdWords is wearing the products/services that we want to advertise will automatically appear on the first page of Google. In addition, there are many more benefits that can be obtained, as follows:

1. Traffic will be more targeted and fast rising
AdWords wear calculation PPC (Pay per Click) to calculate the cost of your ads and Advertise Your funds will be automatically converted to visitors according to the price of clicks. For example, you advertise with 50 thousand dollars per day and the price of one thousand dollars per click click. Then you would earn about 50 clicks per visitor is counted from 50 thousand divided a thousand.

2. Get visitors in accordance with your business-targeted
AdWords will display our ads according to keywords that are shot. For example, if you have a car rental business and you are aiming for the target keyword ' cheap car rental in America ', then the incoming visitor to your site through AdWords are those who do a search in accordance with the keywords you target. So your ads will not appear later in a keyword that does not comply with that has your viewfinder, so visitors could certainly be targeted according to your business.

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3. Reputation increases SEO website
SEO optimization performed by targeting certain keywords, so if you do not have to worry about SEO then you will break down when put ads through AdWords. Thus advertise on AdWords will benefit you because of a keyword search that much sought after for the SEO optimization will be inputted by Google.

4. Sales Turnover increased
In Google's official site, they provide a statement regarding the increase in turnover.The bottom line is it's not AdWords can ensure the turnover of a product will certainly increase, although AdWords has managed to extend a sales turnover of around 10 to 50 percent, and even 90 percent, but Google still cannot guarantee the definite turnover increased because it is influenced by many factors. For example such as target keywords, funds, business, etc.

After knowing the AdWords and its benefits, are you ready to advertise with this?

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