Apply Quality Blog Content that supports the google search engine

How to apply quality blog content that support to the google search engine and get index on it..? I will share you something about this topic quality blog content that google want.
In an era of many changes the current algorithm, content to play an important role for the success of a blog. You write the content and you will get visitors. The principle is simple: "a bad content and good content will be in consumption."

But none of the tools are capable of assessing the quality of the content in Google's eyes. We just guess and assume if we publish content that's already good. It is just an assumption. In fact, there are times when we think content better than competitors turns out to be outdone in competition Search Engine Optimizer -SEO. Even no who commented. Let alone that makes it as a reference. No one cares about your content.

So that kind of incident does not happen to you, I will tell you a few things to assess a content, is it good or is it just going to be a happy maker of information on the internet. Try this tips for your blog content that will help you to index on google search engine like google :

1. Unique Content
Every time I want to write new content, I am always asked "Whether that topic already covered by other blogger?".

The goal of just one, so my content unique. I am always writing useless holds the same information with other blogs. Although later the content I was able to occupy the first page of Google, but it doesn't change the fact that the content is cheesy.

And of course, there will not be interested to read it. You know what is the reason? This is the internet. There is the possibility of other people are already very familiar with the contents of the content because all the people write it repeatedly. Again, again, and again.

For example the content of On-Page SEO and Off page SEO. It is always the cheesy content written repeatedly by almost all blogger. How many chances of success of such content to satisfy visitors? Everyone was tired and memorized on the outside of the head.

Unless you're serving with different and includes the latest information using research data, there may be opportunities. Or are you writing a case study, it was also understandable.

But if you just write something similar (although using different words), it is not unique. And of course, that's not including quality content.

quality blog content seo2. the length of the article

You know the trend of the world in the era of blogger now? It was super complete content writing that consists of at least 2000 words. Content length is quality assurance. Complete and reliable.
Many blogger content writing long, but its contents were almost useless. They simply use more words to describe something that can be explained using a little word. That's the location of faults.

The principles you need to understand is: why write a 2000 word more if you could explain it using 500 words.

A long piece of writing that contains complete information. But its effectiveness is also high. That's what makes the content length is always synonymous with quality. Remember, the effectiveness of the writings and words.

3. in accordance with Our Audience

One of the most difficult part in managing blogs is understanding the audience or readers. Let's say you have a themed blog blogging tips. So, you also create some categories to make it easier for readers exploring your content like SEO, content marketing, email marketing, and copy writing.

A when you realize that posting about SEO get a page view is higher than postings with other themes. While copy writing get more comments than with other content.Then it is an indication that you should write more often about SEO and Copy writing for Your loyal readers.

The above is just a simple illustration. In the application, of course more complicated again depending how big your blog. That obviously you have to remember: "content that suits the loyal reader is quality content".

Note that the content about the gardening tips consist of 3000 words, complete, using the research data, and written very well. Even through the editing process.

Though the content is perfect. Compare if I just write 700 words, there are a few spelling mistakes, but entitled "simple ways to increase visitors through blog walking".

There is no doubt in the slightest to say Yes. Now you understand what I mean about quality content, isn't it?

 4. Well written

The quality of a content can be seen from the use of vocabulary in it. Also a good relationship between the paragraphs are one with other paragraphs. The point is the reader is able to understand the message you wish to convey.

Some judgment about good writing:

Simple  that is to say not many use the term or jargon that is able to confuse the reader.
Well structured  Using sub-headings, bullet points, bold, italic, or printed words form the list. You don't have to use them all.
The important thing readers are able to understand your content. don't have to like robot language that always uses the good word. Also not stir with English or local languages so that readers feel comfortable while reading.

 5. make your reader Hooked

Quality content is content that is able to satisfy the reader. When they are finished reading, then their minds will say: "I will visit again to get the latest information update or something".

To do so would certainly need a great effort. Many factors affect the satisfaction of readers such as loading blog, font used, beautiful blog designs, and the interaction of readers in the comments box. So, you need to start developing your blog from all aspects.

And most importantly, the content You are applicative can directly put into practice by the reader. As soon as you satisfy visitors, the number of visitors you will increase every day. only if you want to take the time to understand the little things that give a big difference to your blog readers.

Many a blogger assumed that quality content is content that is able to sit on the first page of Google. It is a great mistake. Even if you can afford to be on the first page,but if you don't meet the qualifications above quality content, sooner or later the position of your blog will be down.

Why? Because if your content is not able to satisfy visitors, pogo stick is going up. And it's bad for SEO. Furthermore if you disappoint visitors because it is too focus on SEO, they will leave your blog.

Do you feel your content is already nice? Why is this so? Would be really nice to read your thoughts in the comment box provided.

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