7 ways to use Google Trends to your blog content

Before you begin to find ways of putting together content that the source comes from Google Trends, it's good we know ahead of time what basis should we search in Google Trends. Google Trends is indeed presented to the principals in the business world, especially for the perpetrators of the SMES to facilitate their activities in the business. The perpetrators of SMES can use Google Trends to get the data  data about the business they want to run. This will help them in developing business in the market. 
 Google Trends will show us what is becoming the most sought-after trend and by the community, so this later makes it easy for the criminals to target SME market them.

When using Google Trends we will also be easy to search for a keyword that is related to our business.  
The most popular topics or the most sought-after, namely as follows:

Business and Politics
Business People, Colleges and Universities, Energy Companies, Financial Companies, Government Bodies, Politicians, U.S. Governors
Entertainment: Actors, best DJs, the kid's TV, Movies, Musical Artists, People, Reality Shows, Songs, TV Shows, Teen Top Artists
Nature and Science: Animals, Chemical Elements, Dog Breeds, Medications, Scientists, Software Technologies, Space Objects
Shopping: Car Companies, Cars, Fashion Brands, Retail Companies, Sports Cars
Sports: Athletes, Baseball Players, Baseball Teams, Basketball Players, Basketball Teams, Soccer Players, Soccer Teams, Sports Teams (What! No football?)
Travel and Leisure: Authors, Books, Cities, Countries and Regions, Cocktails, Drinks, Food, Games, Quick Service Restaurants, Whiskeys
Well, then how do we make use of Google Trends to create business content that can help us in terms of sales?

1. get the key word

7 ways to use Google Trends to your blog contentThe specified keyword is a keyword which we will use later in Google Trends. This keyword also which will help us get ideas for creating content related to our business.Let us get the important keywords are true and correct. After we make a list of keywords using Google Analytics (here about google analytics) and Webmaster Tools, and of course that has been perfected in Google Adwords, you can use Google Trends to help confirmed this choice.

For example when we want to create a cake shop, it's good we have more than 3 keywords that will help us in finding what is much sought after community.

Do checks periodically on the keywords that we select and on the key phrase for the optimization of our website. Enter keywords that we select to Google Trends to see the rank and position of the keywords we choose. We can change the keyword's when it is at the lowest position.

We can also check the keywords to target a specific region or geographical location of our target market. There may be an area that has a low rating against the keywords we choose. It certainly will affect what we will run.

3. Find content ideas

Google Trends has a Tools that will help us to do a small-scale brand stoarming to ourselves. We can include some good keywords related to the business or not. Then we can check any spike on these keywords in a specific time period. And certainly we will find great ideas, when we observe a spike the keywords we enter in Google Trends.

Then we can start to make a content related to that keyword. We can create good content on a website, blog, or social media related to that keyword. Create a keyword that is easily searched and found by people.

4. Using a content calendar

Create a calendar sometimes content can indeed be an obstacle. But using Google Trends to help us identify the pattern cycle keywords we choose. By using these patterns  patterns, we could plan to make business-related content, in accordance with the time period in which the keyword is meant to have the highest rate of searches on Google. Such is the case, the cakes  pastry can be very popular in December during the Christmas celebrations.

5. Create content with video

As was popular at this time, a visual content will attract public attention more than the usual content. We can find what is approximately the required people and next we adjust to the concept of the video that we want to create. For example, while many talked about the Cupcake, we could try to make a video content that contains the recipe makes the cupcake and so on. This will make it easier for us in the public interest.

6. update your brand

Maybe it's time for us to update the brand of our products and create a new message to the community about the products that we produce. Google Trends will help us in the search for a keyword related to desire us to revamp the brand but are still associated with the brand.

We must also always monitor the development of our brand in the market. We can monitor it via Google Trends. When what we produce is no longer interesting for the community, we can look for other alternatives to make the correct content  actually being needed by the community.

7. Make websites with related content

Moreover, in addition to further implement the keyword ideas that are obtained from Google Trends into a Web page. We still remember that it is important that a business has her own personal website. Become a tool for branding and becomes a means of communication with customers. We will not be charged anything when he wanted to write a content that comes from the Google keyword Trends, it just might be a lot of time taken to produce good content.

This is only a small part of the tips that can be given to using Google Trends in business to your blog contents. When we have started to use it and, of course there will be a lot of tips that can be shared to other users. If you have other tips, can share in the comments field. :)

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