If you have an online business or website, it is very important to do your digital asset performance measurement, in the absence of measurement then we will never know if the online initiatives that we do bring results or not.

There are many tools to do the performance measurement of your digital campaigns or websites such as Google Analytics, Woopra, Click Tale and others. Currently I am only going to discuss about Google Analytics because in addition to the cost of free, the most common tools used by many digital practitioners because of the ease of integration with Google AdWords and Google's own support.

Because of the importance of this aspect of measurement so, I recommend the perpetrators of online businesses to instantly set up Google Analytics (or any other analytic tools) after they finished making the website. It is very important to start measuring from the first day that we do not lose data visitors that can be a valuable insight.

1. Your audience

All business now leads to the orientation of local content, which means we need to know what sort of demographic characteristics of the local population who use our business. With Google Analytics, we can figure out some of the demographic characteristics such as:

  • The language used
  • The location of the audience website
  • Behavior (behavior) of the audience we
  • The use of a web browser
  • The use of mobile devices
7 Hal penting google analytics untuk blog2. Online campaign performances

As perpetrators of online business, it's only natural we have campaign initiatives in the field of online/digital, and we definitely want to gauge whether the campaign that cost not a few were successful or not.

This can be known through Google Analytics is mainly for digital campaign has used the campaign tags such as UTM (Urchen Tracking Module). We can see the placement of our ads bring the most traffic or generate the most sales, so we can create a similar placement in the future. Instead, we will also be able to see campaign/ads which don't produce so that we can avoid making similar initiatives to manage cost.

3. The traffic sources

All websites are definitely wanted the traffic (visitors) high every month, because just like the offline store (especially the B2C), the living dead an online business is very dependent on the number of visitors who came to his shop. When the number of visitors, then the most likely products are sold will also not too much.

It is therefore very important for us to see from where we come, the traffic can be divided into:

Search, is the traffic coming from search on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Categories traffic ' Search ' can be divided into ' Organic ' which is a pure search results (not paid) and ' Paid ' which is the advertising on search engines such as Google AdWords
Referrals, is traffic coming in from advertisement banners in the shape of other sites
Campaigns, is the traffic coming from Google AdWords campaign
Direct, can be seen as the traffic that comes with writing down our website URL directly in the browser. But many practitioners also noticed that this category is unknown traffic source, so this category should be minimize.

4. The most engaging contents

This aspect is most important especially for websites or media business, because it uses the content as its main ' product '. By knowing what kind of content has a high interaction such as view, comment, share and other social, so business owners can make the initiative or the marketing plan based on the insight of content obtained.

For e-commerce business, besides being able to view the product page where the most widely viewed, we can find out if the visitor also viewed a page like ' About Us' or ' Terms ' Condition & can give insight that consumers want to know in advance about who we are before you buy our products, and other useful insight-insight.

5. The social initiatives

Social media has become an obligation for a current business, be it online or offline business. But many questions posed by business owner/brand at the moment is: ' does social media really brings the effect to my business? '.

Currently Google Analytics can see the amount of traffic to our website generated by each social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinter est, and others. Google Analytic can also see page anywhere from the most visited social media along with flow that's traffic.

One new feature of Google Analytics that can help complete an assessment of the role of social media to business online we are the features multi-channel Funnel. In this feature we can see the stage where social media help sales in a segment called 'Assisted Conversions ' and ' Top Conversion Path '.

6. Goals and conversions

The most important thing to measure in Google Analytics in my opinion is a measurement Goals. Determination of the Goals can be done in several ways that quite easily in the admin section of the Google Analytic.

Goals can be anything in which the most common is the amount of the share of social (Facebook and Twitter), e-mail subscription and purchase products. One of the unique features of the Goals contained in Google Analytic is ' Event Tracking ' Goals, which feature allows you to measure visitor interaction on your website such as play video, download files, and others.

Before setting Goals it's good you discuss in advance with your team to determine the things that are important to measure for your business.

7. SEO insights

In addition to measuring campaign paid such as banner ads, we can gain valuable insight to the initiative of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We can see the keywords that bring traffic to your website in organic or paid (Google AdWords).

Google AdWords keyword that has high performance we can enter as the focus of the keyword for SEO. The upside is the KEYWORDS has been tested and exposed to the consumer and we can sort out the keywords that generate high sales.

So whether you're ready to use Google Analytics?

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