10 Techniques to make quality Blog content

I think content can be likened as "heart" on a blog, how no, the visitors certainly will assess blog we manage from postings in advance, therefore, devise quality blog content is very important to do.

Although the blog we manage to have a mediocre design templates, but when the content or postings very helpful I think visitors will certainly be strongly feel helped by the existence of such postings, content or even vice versa when design template we wear so nice and responsive but the content of the blog is not adequate or even content copy paste, I believe visitors will be thus giving an ugly stamp for your blog even at its worst, it could have been you will lose visitors because they are lazy to go back.

" What makes the quality content that's really important, then what benefit we get when you have a quality blog content? "

Quality content is the number one and most importantly to make blog become more SEO, because with quality content usually readers or visitors will enjoy and love to linger to read. There is even a possibility the visitors not glued with one article, some of them could just be enamored with another article and then read it as well, this is normal only occurs when the content or articles that we have indeed a very high quality, and very important not to do copy and paste articles from other people's blogs, because it will also make your blog is ugly in the eyes of everybody including from among our fellow bloggers.

In addition there is also the advantage that would be obtained if we manage blog has quality content, i.e., in addition to the blog will be better known, but the blog will also be more "received" by the search engines, meaning your blog will be more easily searchable by search engines, and if you later plan to register a blog advertising service like Google Adsense and the like, your submission will be very easy to be accepted (approve) because your blog entry in their criteria.

blog content quality1. Start by determining the topics that will be used

Same as like putting together a bouquet, you should really define a topic or theme that will be used in making the article, for you who have a blog that only raised one topic just might be this step can be skipped, as for who has a blog with raised many topics, or commonly called mix with the blog, the first thing is mandatory for thought with carefully, in order that the writings of the later could be a very quality writing , and useful for visitors.

2. Determine who are the target readers

The next thing to do is target the content connoisseur, it means before we draw upon article, let us first know who is who will read these postings.

In this second point we take the example as the article I made, at the time of posting this article before I've roundabout when later the most widely read article is from among our fellow bloggers, it is certainly very reasonable when connoisseur or the readers of this article are from among our fellow bloggers, because articles with topics like this is indeed urgently needed to bolster the quality of blog , and maximize SEO, and we all also know that difficult with SEO definitely from a fellow blogger. Unlike when my article is titled "how to overcome hair loss", of course articles like this target readers are those who care about him and beauty especially for women.
how to write great content

3. Create a "unique" title that can attract the reader's interest

Specifies the title that is important in the blog content quality, because we know yourself when when people wanted to read, the first thing they will notice is in the title, so make it a title that is truly "unique", unique in terms of the title that people feel curious, or seem to be attracting internet users to read your article.

4. Provide content that is also really good quality

Unique title alone is not enough when it is not accompanied by adequate contents, so on this fourth points to try on an article you created, has been equipped with high-quality content, because when the title is nice but its contents turned out to be desultory, I dare assure visitors no will read the article, or it could be that they will immediately close the tab of your blog, and won't visit again because of the feeling you've been cheated and lied to.

5. Greet visitors to make visitors feel part of the article

The fifth is by way of saying hello, even though it is actually not necessary to do, but better yet for when applied in each article of your blog, so you can greet your blog visitors may be using sentences that you can process in accordance with your own.as for me, usually make the sentences asked on my article, which aims to let visitors feel took part in the article that I serve.

6. Make sure your article content or quality for humans or robots

All the bloggers definitely know when that will be visiting our blogs not only humans, but the robot will also join the visit a blog that we manage, by which I mean not the robot robots like Megatron, but crawling robots search engine, so make sure the content you create contains keywords that are solid enough to maximize search engine robots exploring your blog.

7. Give descriptions on every image used

Provide a description on the image is actually more focus to the search engines, because the robot crawls are usually can't identify the image, hence the description here aims to let robots crawling can still recognize image by the way read the description you have given. There are also benefits to human visitors, i.e. when visitor connections blog is experiencing interference, which ultimately causes the browser not able to loading the picture, then the visitor can still understand the meaning of these images through the description can be seen when the image is not fully loading blog.
8. Insert a few links related to the article

Inserts a link also helps in crawling robot exploring your blog, inserting a link should not be done arbitrarily, try just inserting a link that actually has something to do with the article that you serve, or when those links leading to other blogs, then make sure the blog topic if it has similarities with the topic on your blog.

9. It is important to not use excessive keyword

In making the article of course we will make it so the article is rich or dense with keywords, usually it is we do to speed up the indexing of the pages of our blog in the search engines, but if its use is redundant, then it is not recommended, if 1%-3% alone is sufficient, even if most keywords, blogs could be considered spam, and it gets worse again visitors from among men will be difficult to understand the content of the article , because of the use of the word by imposing excessive keys usually make articles a little strange and doesn't look natural.

10. read your articles over and over to avoid the presence of misspellings

Actually this often I miss to blog content quality, so often times I "divest victims" with a typo on the content of my article, but this is quite important, because with the absence of a typo, your blog even more impressed professional in the eyes of visitors, in addition, with the correct spelling, content or article of your blog will have a high price, or a very qualified for the readers and also for search engine robots.
That's 10 techniques to write an article or blog content quality that I can tell. may be helpful to put into practice by friends bloggers.

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