10 Awesome Products developed by google

Google isn't the only search engine companies. In addition to developing Chrome book laptop and the Android operating system for mobile devices, Google had hundreds of ideas for new products that are being developed.

These products are currently being developed by a team of secret Google called Google X. No wonder people are hired and work in this team are those ' crazy ' visionary. They freely and think of things that at first glance looks impossible becomes possible to be realized.

Google X is in charge of developing new products and services in order to make the world better. Call it Project Loon-air balloon project, which is being tested Google for the provision of internet access to remote areas. Google also is developing a new drug that can help doctors diagnose patients.

The product is awesome especially being developed Google? He's 10 innovative products.

google product

1. Android  Home

Life without the Internet it seems impossible today and in the future, especially in the big cities. Android  Home is a home automation technology, where all the stuff you get connected to the internet. Imagine if your refrigerator can order in-stock when the milk is already thinning. Technology such as this is what will be offered Android Home.

2. Elevator to space

In 2011, Time Magazine added Google Alerts you of elevator (lift) project space to the list of Google X projects. As the name implies, the space elevator is an elevator which serves to transport people from the Earth into space. It looks like this technology has yet to be realized in the near future, but it would be very interesting if Google managed to realize the project.

3. Android smart watches

Google rumored are developing smart watches to rival Samsung and Apple. Google even has already filed a patent application smart watches in 2011 with a flip updual screen and tactile user interface. Google's smart watches will run on the Android operating system. The possibility of this product can be found at the beginning of next year.

4. Sensors to diagnose disease

Google has a stake in Adimab, a company that creates a platform of integrated antibody discovery and optimization. Adimab, with Google's help, reportedly was trying to create a new antibody discovery by integrating thousands of different technology to help diagnose the disease by way of swallowing the sensor.

Google's other enterprises iPierian using a technique called ' Cellular reprogramming ' to create a new drug disease by way of its modification.

5. Air Balloon for internet access

Google is eager to provide wireless internet access to the rest of the world. Google in fact already doing trials to develop an air balloon will fly over rural areas and other parts of the country. Through his latest project 'project Loon' Google predict could make 1 billion inhabitants of the world connected to the internet.

6. Console video games Android

The Wall Street Journal reports Google will dive into the video game console business. Search engine companies that are developing Android-based video game console. The information obtained from a person in Google. With this console, you can eventually play the Android-based games on your TV.

7. New Smartphone Motorola Moto X

Google has acquired Motorola in 2012. Google introduces the latest smartphones get ready any Motorola named Moto X, with specs and new features. This Smartphone will of course carry the operating system Google Android. Moto X will be introduced on 1 August.

8. Programme the car without driver

Program a car without driver is also being developed at Google in recent years. Google has been working with members of Parliament to conduct an autonomous car testing on public roads. Google even have got approval for the project in two States, California and Nevada.

There are at least 10 vehicles without driver tested. In August 2012, the car without the driver that got through more than 300,000 miles. This technology is not yet known whether it will be released commercially later.

9. Google Glass

The presence of the Google Glass believed could change the way we interact with the smartphone. Google goggles is a smart Glass allows you to download tweet, check out their agenda, weather, send SMS through the device. So far, Google released a new Glass for the developers and some reporters only. Version the consumer new possibilities will be released next year.

10. Wind turbines in the air

Google has acquired the startup energy Makani Power, which developed a wind turbine. U.S. Department of energy is rumored to have given support to the implementation of the project. Air turbine prototype Makani Power referred to by Wing 7.

This aircraft would later serve as power plants that were flown at an altitude of 800 to 2,000 meters. If successful, the Chief Engineer Makani Power say we later can get rid of most of the fossil fuel we use.

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